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5 Gorgeous places that most travelers don’t know about!!

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1. Halle Forest, Halle, Belgium

If you love nature and magic, this is definitely one place that should be on your bucket list. It’s also known as the ‘blue forest’ because of the beautiful bluebell carpet on the forest floor. It almost looks like you’re in a fairy tale.
Photo source: (Bored Panda n.d.)

2. Kawasan Falls, Cebu, Philippines

Located inside the mountains of Barangay Matutinao, the falls are a source of relaxation for anyone who visits. The cool water, the fun atmosphere and the friendly locals are enough for anyone to book a ticket.
Photo source: (Pinterest n.d.)

3. Chaouen, Northwest Morocco

Appropriately named the “Blue City”, Chaouen (also Chefchaouen) is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Plus, once you’ve seen the city, you can head to the nearby Rif Mountains or the fascinating Akchour waterfalls.
Photo source: (Morocco World News n.d.)

4. Great Australian Bight, Tasmania

These cliffs are so breathtakingly beautiful, it’s a wonder more people don’t go there. There are numerous surfing beaches below and the cliffs are an ideal spot for whale-watching.
Photo Source: (ABC News n.d.)

5. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

This section of industrial railway is still in use today, but is also a favorite place for couples to take long walks between the running times. The leafy green canopy of the surrounding trees forms this natural tunnel and is constantly kept trim by the moving trains.
Photo source: (Infinite Legroom n.d.)