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The production of Bond 25 continues to offer more twists. The production team announced that Christoph Waltz is returning for the sequel to reprise his role as Blofeld. Bond 25 will hit theaters in April 2020.

Nike is teaming up with Nintendo to release a new range of Air Max 97’s inspired by the Nintendo 64. The shoes and the game console were released months apart in the mid-90s. This marks the first time that the two iconic creations have ever come together.

Kylie Minogue has gained her seventh UK Number One album with her new release ‘Step Back in Time: The Definitive Collection’. This puts Kylie right behind Madonna with the second highest amount of chart-toppers in the UK.

Kanye West has teamed up with Charlie Wilson for on a brand new track titled ‘Brothers’. A snippet of the track is featured in the latest episode of the tv series ‘Tales’.

CW’s longest-running DC Comics series Arrow, which was renewed for season 8 back in Jan, will come to an end after the new season. The final season will consist of 10 episodes.

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