There’s a million different ways to procrastinate, but the most fun by far might just be getting completely absorbed in a show. Here’s a few that are guaranteed to have you hooked.

1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

A classic that never fails to make you laugh! I’m sure everyone already knows about it, and has probably seen it throughout their childhood, but it’s always worth a re-watch.

2. The Vampire Diaries

I’m currently watching this myself, and can for sure say it’s one of those shows that gets better as it goes on – though it starts off really well too! The immersive stories and plot lines will have you hooked. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the cast is super attractive.

3. Gossip Girl

Sinful drama, lavish lifestyles, unexpected twists, yet the characters are all capable of being loved and idolized. It remains the favorite of many, even long after they finish it.

4. Game Of Thrones

Honestly, if you aren’t already watching it, where have you been? This popular show is loved by all, and for good reason. It holds an amazing story, talented actors and inspiring characters.

5. Teen Wolf

This show starts off with cute drama, but gets darker as seasons pass. You’re for sure going to get emotionally attached to all the characters, loving them as you would your own children. Stiles Stilinski definitely has my entire heart.

6. Suits

A riveting and intelligent series that is easy to get hooked onto. It’s an interesting experience, diving into the photographic brain of Mike Ross, seeing the manipulative and careful cunning schemes of Harvey Specter, and learning just how competitive the world really is.

7. How I Met Your Mother

A show I grew up on, with characters that grew on me. Hilarious and emotional, there’s never a dull moment here as the characters are all genuinely likeable. Start watching, and be inspired by Barney Stinson’s ego, or Ted’s inability to back down.

8. Brooklyn Nine Nine

The purest show I’ve seen yet, with amazing punchlines and jokes, great gimmicks and premises that will genuinely have you laughing along. I love Andy Samberg, and how much he shines as a humorous Jake Peralta, fighting crime with his friends. A definite must watch.

9. Breaking Bad

Dark, diabolical and hard hitting. It’s called the best show in existence by die hard fans, and is perfect for those who yearn to be Pablo Escobars in the future (I’m kidding). Really, it is an emotional roller coaster, especially the last season, and leaves the audience devastated. I would highly recommend it.

10. The Office

And finally, if you prefer lighter comedies that don’t require much effort, Michael Scott is who you should be watching. The strange yet loveable characters are each more eccentric than the last. The breaking of the fourth wall makes the series different, and even more amusing.

So what are you waiting for? Get watching!