The multi-faceted staff of CityFM89 scripted, directed and shot a video for the 14th of August. In the spirit of the nation’s 70th birthday, our team evoked our patriotic essence through what we knew best: music. A team featuring our very own Saad Haroon and Ali Gul Pir created an entertaining music video containing the greatest Pakistani hits through the decades. The Super Savari bus was our main prop, as most of the video was shot in, around or on it.

It started with some brilliant improvisation by Saad and Ali. Half an hour into their shoots, they decided to take the wheel and created some typically memorable outtakes. Their energy gave us all the inspiration to get on camera and celebrate our ‘azaadi’. Some well managed camera work and equally great product from the actors created a coherent masterpiece.

The ethos of jazba was evident in the way the video was shot. Much of the shots and the choreography was unscripted as the actors were just given a basic gist of what was expected of them. The outcome was exactly what epitomizes Pakistan; a mixture of chaos and brilliance. Our director shouted herself to nirvana to keep everyone focused on the task. Our camera crew kept the cameras rolling to capture every second of the madness that was erupting by the actors. The security guards and staff members at the office were drawn to the drama and  ultimately wanted to join this group of hyperactive young Pakistanis raving around a Savari bus. Everyone got so into the music that they drew upon each other’s passion and gave memorable performances.

What this video really drew upon was celebration. We all acknowledge the sacrifice, pain and dedication that has gone into this country. We all know of the obstacles and hurt we have faced in getting here. This 14th August, let’s celebrate our successes, let’s celebrate our passion and let’s celebrate those who strive to create reason for us to be happy. We are all still here and always will be.

CityFM89 has done its small part in celebrating the beautiful music that has shaped generations and aroused jazba throughout the decades. Now it’s your turn.