Feeling lazy and can’t get yourself out of bed to do something productive?

Well here is a list of five songs that’ll instantly give you a rush of euphoria and get you on your feet regardless of which genre of music you’re into!

1: If I can’t have you- Yvonne Elliman

From one of the most famous movies of the 1970’s, ‘Saturday Night Fever’, this soundtrack gained popularity as an international hit in its time and for a good reason. Despite being nearly four decades old, this song has a knack of making you tap your feet and bob your head along.

2: Wake me up before you go go- Wham!

This song put the exclamation in Wham! The band were the biggest-selling pop musicians of the 1980s and left the world with many catchy unforgettable tunes like this one.

3: Wannabe- Spice girls

This debut single is undeniably among the most recognisable pop songs ever composed.
The iconic dance along pop song is bound to get you moving. Don’t forget to check out the famed music video for an extra energy boost!

4: On top of the world- Imagine Dragons

This song will fill you with the frenetic energy you need to start your day. Imagine Dragons continue to release more sonically adventurous and timeless music taking the world by a storm!

5: Shake it off- Taylor Swift

This dance-pop song from Swift’s 1989 album promotes carefree spirit and a positive message of shaking off critique. Listening to this song will urge you to shake of the laziness and get moving. Despite having been released in 2014, Shake it off remains a current favorite to many.