Wes Malik searched for the perfect Office All Rounder on his show, The Rush Hour! The questions he asked were if people in their office can bank on them or if they finish their work on time and if they are a multitasker. He asked people to share their stories if they had all these traits or nominate a friend who they think could be the Office All Rounder. The winner got some very exciting giveaways courtesy Red Bull!

Wes – #OfficeAllRounder

Do people in your office bank on you? Do you finish all your work on time? Are you a multitasker? If you have all these traits and want to participate, come and join Wes Malik as he searches for the perfect #OfficeAllRounder and get a chance to win giveaways from Red Bull on #TheRushHour with Wes Malik.Post your stories in the comments below or nominate a friend who you think could be the Office All Rounder we are looking for.

Posted by CityFM89 on Sunday, November 5, 2017